Telescopic loading spouts


Designed to ensure environmental and dedusting during loading and unloading operations with bulk materials.


Telescopic loading spouts consist of a fixed platform with a drive unit mounted on it and a movable telescopic part.
Movement is carried out with the help of three cables.
The device has extreme position sensors, cable break sensors, jamming sensors, and material level sensors.
The device is equipped with a control cabinet, cable-reel and connection box.


  • unit capacity - up to 2000m3 / hour;
  • diameter of the flange (conditional pass) - about 2000m3 / hour;
  • granulometric composition of the loaded material - up to 400 mm;
  • min / max length - 3000 mm / 20000mm;
  • electrical equipment protection class - IP54 and higher;
  • voltage - 380 / 220V, 50Hz.