Rollers of classic constructions

Roller with hot-stamped bearing housing
For heavy duty operation. Due to the reinforced bearing housing, the roller of this design has an increased service life - up to 40,000 hours and is used to work with bulk cargoes of a heavy and especially heavy group, with a density of up to 4 tons / m3 and lumpiness up to 500 mm.
Cleaning roller
Designed to clean the conveyor belt.
Lower spool roller
Interferes with sticking of dirt on a roller shell at the expense of rubber rings. Increased grip on the conveyor belt provides less roller slippage.
Cushion idler
Rubber rings are installed on the roller shell. It is used in places of the greatest loads on the conveyor. Designed to mitigate shocks in places of loading conveyor and to reduce noise.
Roller with remote bearing units
Remote bearing units provide easy roller maintenance and lubricant replenishment.
Deflector roller
It has a cold-formed bearing housing. Estimated operating lifetime - up to 30,000 hours.